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About Fishing with Johnny Johnson

The Happy Fisherman

Catch Fishing with Johnny Johnson on Bally Sports AZ Sunday Mornings on Direct TV Ch. 686.

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Since 1997, Johnny Johnson has been entertaining the folks of Arizona with his home spun fishing program, Fishing with Johnny Johnson. His unique approach to fishing has made him a favorite among local bass anglers throughout the region. Now, thanks to Johnny's Passion for fishing, along with networks like FSN Arizona, The Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman Channel and varoius cable systems around the state of Arizona, the entire nation has been able to enjoy this unique fishing program. I say "unique" because not only is Fishing with Johnny Johnson an informative program, it's also fun, and at times downright outrageous. Don't let that fool you though. Johnny knows his stuff. He's won numerous bass tournaments throughout the years, including a state championship. That said, Johnny does like to goof around once in a while, but it's still "SERIOUS BUSINESS" and is a great time for old and young alike. Even if you're not an avid angler, you'll love Fishing with Johnny Johnson!

What most people like about Fishing with Johnny Johnson is that it's entertaining. It's not simply a guy sitting around with a line in the water, talking about why the male bass sits on the nest during spawning season. What it is... is Johnny sitting around with a line in the water, talking about why the male bass sits on the nest during spawning season. What I mean is that it's Johnny that people like about Fishing with Johnny Johnson. His passion for fishing is always apparent to his audience. Seldom has an audience witnessed a fishing show host hook into some "Serious Business", nearly explode into a fit of giggles (yes, I said giggles) and laughter, only to break off the fish and then immediately descend into a small but heart felt temper tantrum. Can you relate to that? Of course you can! Everyone who's ever lost a fish can! People can relate with Johnny. How many fishing programs have you watched where the host never loses a fish....trips over the rods in the boat....forgets to charge the trolling motor batteries...??
That doesn't mean that Fishing with Johnny Johnson is a comedy. It's not. Johnny knows his stuff when it comes to bass fishing. He enjoys teaching people about what he's learned over the years. That is also apparent to his audience. Even when he gets down to the X's & O's of bass fishing, he'll draw you in and leave you with a sense of enlightenment ....YES MY FRIEND, YOU HAVE LEARNED SOMETHING!!!

That's one of the reasons that Johnny decided to make a fishing show. He started the show in 1997 in Lakeside Arizona and it was broadcast on a local cable channel. He sold commercials in the show to local businesses around town but found it tough to keep making time for making a living and producing fishing shows. After putting the show on hold for a few months, the local cable company called and asked if he would put the show back on so that people would quit calling and griping about their favorite fishing program not being available on their cable anymore. Luckily for everyone, Johnny put the show back on, eventually finding a way to make the time for both a job and a passion.
Fish On!

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